Excellent PPC tactics to grow your business

Excellent PPC tactics to grow your business

Read this article on “Excellent PPC tactics to grow your business”, written by Paru Saxena, a guest blogger at Success Gainer.

PPC marketing is a fantastic way to enhance service offerings, generate a recurring revenue stream and satisfy the clients. Your advertisements are displayed in the most appropriate online spaces in the target market. 

PPC is one of the top forms of advertising to generate large revenue and it facilitates advertisers to make the essential change in optimization policy to get a better quality score.

 There are many advantages of PPC. It is cost effective as you pay only when a visitor actually lands at your website. You have the choice to pay a minor or major amount according to your wish.

Moreover, you can target the audience on the basis of language, location, and device, etc. This article covers the top PPC tactics that can help to boost your business.

PPC tactics – 1:

 1.  Offer full driven solutions

The process of organizing and optimized campaigns need a lot of effort, expertise, and time. So you can hire a white label PPC agency which can take the full liability of managing PPC campaigns.

The agency will provide uninterrupted solutions for tactical campaigns that drive high Return on Investment (ROI) and fulfills your client requirements.

PPC tactics – 2:

2. Target clients with existing accounts

Target clients with existing accounts and provide add-on services like account reformation and PPC auditing to them.  A complete PPC audit is a fantastic way to detect incorrect practices and explore hidden opportunities for expansion.

 Restructuring is an important service for clients having disordered PPC accounts. You will be able to gain a client’s trust by getting accounts restructured from PPC experts. Then it is more probable that clients will also engage you for bigger projects.

PPC tactics – 3:

 3. Make strategic campaigns

Plan campaigns to get more relevant website traffic and desirable conversions. A team of skilled PPC experts will use their experience to deliver strategic campaigns that optimize results within a given ad budget.

Bid on the accurate keywords, select the correct campaign settings and develop optimizing landing pages for definite campaign success.

PPC tactics – 4:

 4. Radius targeting

It is essential for a local business to take full benefit from the target radius around its address. It’s fine to build a PPC campaign with a specific geo-targeted area of 7 to 10 km around your business address.

This helps customers in that area to easily and quickly find the products they are looking for and offered by you.

For example, if you run a weekly special offer, create ads particularly for that offer. Grab potential customers by displaying a sense of hurry to come like call today.

This campaign should display ads only during business hours and make sure to halt these ads at the end of the special offer.

PPC tactics – 5:

 5. Device bidding

Device bidding is also crucial for a local business creating a campaign with a geo-targeted area set around the business address.

You can set bid adjustments based upon the device used by a customer like tablet, mobile, or desktop. Then Google will robotically raise your bids by the percentage chosen by you.

 It is necessary to assess your conversion data separately from each device prior to setting device bid adjustments for higher ROI.

PPC tactics – 6:

6.  Optimize campaigns for smartphone users

It is a well-known fact that almost half of the global e-commerce online traffic comes from the searches made on mobile phones.

So focus on targeting your PPC campaigns for smartphone users to enhance user experience (UX) and increase ROI. A reliable white label PPC agency will create ads that fit well on smaller screens directing to mobile-optimized landing pages.  

PPC tactics – 7:

7.  Utilize cutting edge targeting tools

There are PPC tactics to enhance the performance of a campaign. For example, using correct ad extensions to present more appropriate information and engage more space on search pages.

Adwords experts are capable to set up outstanding campaigns that stand ahead of competitors.

PPC tactics – 8:

8. Target the right network

There are several networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and Bing, etc. to launch PPC campaigns.

You have to target the right network as per your client’s requirements where you apply distinct campaigns like regular search campaigns, remarketing or cutting-edge remarketing campaigns.

  Depending on your client’s requirements, a white label pay-per-click agency can target the right network and also implement different types of campaigns such as regular search campaigns, remarketing campaigns and cutting-edge remarketing campaigns.

The enormous flexibility and scalability in a cost-effective way allow you to stay ahead in the target market.

PPC tactics – 9:

9. Evaluate outcomes and present insightful reports

You need to measure PPC KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) for improved conversions and the motive of every PPC campaign is to match these KPIs in the planning stage.

It will be simpler to set up AdWords and Google analytics in advance if you are conscious of what to attain and how to assess it. A fundamental element of PPC management is to set up conversion tracking and evaluating performances of KPIs.

Your clients can ask to give evidence of campaign success as PPC results are calculable. Being a white label PPC service provider, you are supposed to track important KPIs for campaign concert and pile up reports in an easy and understandable format.

So you will definitely gain the client’s trust and prove your worth by providing giving timely reports including insights on campaign growth.

PPC tactics – 10:

 10.  Bid on your competitor’s keywords in PPC

You can also choose to bid on the branded keywords of your competitor (AdWords competitor targeting) to stay in front of consumers who have no idea about the presence of your company in that region.

By bidding on their search terms and highlighting your company to be a better choice, you can divert the competitor’s traffic and leads to your brand.

But it is not as simple as it appears and executing a wrong competitor targeting can lead to huge penalties and legal problems.

So follow Google’s trademark rules and avoid using a trademarked brand name in your ad content or display URLs.  

A definitive way to swipe some clicks from your competitors recognized searches is to whack them on pricing because price matters a lot at the moment of purchasing. 

Customers are more like to buy your product which has a relatively lower price. Another way is to use superior ad extensions than your opponent. This is a great way to add extra information to your ads.

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 Author of the article: Paru Saxena is the Sales head at TechIngenious, a mobile app development company in India. He is passionate about writing and has been writing for the last 5 years. He has vast experience in digital marketing and web development.

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