how to get into a digital marketing job

Tips on How to Get Into a Digital Marketing Job

As you are reading this article on how to get into a digital marketing job, you might have some interest in digital marketing jobs. So I welcome you first for being interested in digital marketing jobs.

Because, in this age of digital communication, digital marketing has been essential for companies and they have growing needs of digital marketers like you!

Before we move to the details, take a look at the points at a glance.

  1. Master Digital Marketing Skills
  2. Content and Design Skills
  3. Always Remain Updated About the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing
  4. Master Essential Tools
  5. Try to Get Some Certificates From Offline/ Institutes
  6. Get Certificates From Online
  7. Apply Your Knowledge and Test How Really It Works
  8. Create an Online Presence for Self-branding
  9. Start Blogging on a Topic
  10. Build Your Network
  11. Get Some Experience
  12. Write Compelling Cv to Get Into a Digital Marketing Job
  13. Search for Jobs Online and Apply for Your Dream Jobs
  14. Prepare for the Interview
  15. Grab the Entry-level Job Opportunities

No more talk. Let’s deep dive into the effective tips.

Part A: Learning for Digital Marketing Jobs:

As you want to land a Digital Marketing job, you have to master its (Digital Marketing) different segments. You must have workable, hands-on experience of Digital Marketing.

1. Master Digital Marketing Skills:

To get into a digital marketing job, first of all, you have to master different segments of Digital Marketing.

Learn SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important segments of Digital Marketing. It’s the process of making sure that a content gets maximum view through search engines like Google or Bing.

There are numerous platforms to learn SEO from. You can choose Youtube or Udemy to learn SEO from. Yet, these platforms offer both quality and poor content. So you have to choose content consciously.

Learn PPC marketing: PPC means pay per click. It’s a way of Digital Marketing that gets you visitors to your website on a pay-per-click basis. That means you have to pay on the basis of how many visitors have clicked on your digital advertisement.

Learn content marketing: Content marketing is a marketing approach that use digital content (like videos, audios, pictures, blogs, etc.) to attract customers to buy certain products or services.

Learn Social Media Marketing: To get a job in digital marketing, you “must” learn Social Media Marketing (SMM). You might already know that Social Media Marketing is the process of marketing which is performed with the help of social media. You also know different social media and use some of them.

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter are the most important social media for you as you want to be a digital marketer. However, it depends on the fact which social media is important to which company.

Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is another important thing you need to learn. It’s the marketing of products or services through an affiliate program. Affiliate marketers sell products of others against the commission.

Email marketing: In digital marketing, email marketing is also of great importance. It helps you to directly reach the private inbox of your potential customers. So you should learn email marketing carefully.

Blogging: Blogging is another way of digital marketing. It doesn’t directly ask potential customers to buy a certain product or service. Rather, it uses some techniques to attract potential customers.

You can categorize this under content marketing. But it has the distinct characteristics to be mentioned separately. Learn this in detail to get a job in digital marketing.

Please note, all the segments of digital marketing are not necessary for you, but if you can master them, it will be easier for you to develop your digital marketing career. However, you can learn the most important first, then you can learn others while working with those segments.

2. Content and Design Skills:

Apart from the digital marketing segments, you should acquire these skills:

Copywriting: You should learn to write unique content that is SEO-friendly.

Design: If you know how to design (including graphic design and web design), it will be easier for you to attract visitors (ultimately potential customers) to buy your products or services.

Though this skill is not essential, it may help you a lot. At least some basic understanding will be useful to make a bridge between the designer and digital marketer.

3. Always Remain Updated About the Latest Trends in Digital Marketing:

You always have to keep yourself up to date about the latest trends in digital marketing to get a digital marketing job. Digital marketing related trends are fast-changing. If you don’t remain up to date with the latest trends, then you will just lag behind others. So always keep an eye on the latest trends in digital marketing.

4. Master Essential Tools:

Since you are interested in exploring how to get into a digital marketing job, you must master some essential tools. There are various tools that can get you a great boost in your capability in the field of digital marketing. Let’s say about keyword research tools. You might have known about keyword research. We know, keyword research helps us explore suitable keywords and ultimately it helps us select a topic or niche.

You can learn to use Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, KW Finder, Answer the Public. All these are pretty easy to use and to find expected keywords. You just need to give them a try if you have not used them yet.

Remember, these tools are only for example. You should learn different topics one by one along with some essential tools related to those topics.

Part B: Get Some Certificates

If you notice the result page with the keyword “How to get into a digital marketing job”, you will find that some articles are discussing the ways to get a digital marketing job without any related degrees, certificates and experience. But these may keep you ahead of others. 

5. Try to Get Some Certificates From Offline/ Institutes:

In most cases, certificates achieved from institutes that have physical or offline existence may keep you ahead of others to get a job in digital marketing. Especially, if you expect a job in a developing country, then you can rest assured that these certificates will help you stand out from the crowd and finally get a digital marketing job. At least, my experience tells exactly that.

6. Get Certificates From Online:

Learn the skills and get certificates along the way. Google offers some certificates which you can earn by mastering certain skills.

The following certificates may be very useful for getting into a digital marketing job:

Digital Marketing Courses by Google:

Course 1: Digital marketing fundamentals:

Google designed this course for the beginners of Digital Marketing. You can learn the basics of Digital Marketing and gain certificates accredited by Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. You can enter into the world of Digital Marketing through this practice-oriented course created by Google Trainers.

In this course, you will learn the basics of analytics and data insights, business strategy, content marketing, display advertising and e-commerce.

Course 2: “Get a business online” course offered by Google:

This course is designed to help you learn how to get a business online. It will provide you with the knowledge of getting started with e-commerce.

The course will also teach you how to keep your (or your customers’) online business safe from hackers. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another important part of this course.

Course 3: Google’s “Make sure customers find you online:

The most important part of this course is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) [Experts may argue that SEO is a part of SEM. But we are not going to debate with anyone. We are just describing in a convenient way so that everyone understands it clearly.]. Learners of Digital Marketing should not miss this course.

Course 4: Learn how to promote a business online:

This course will enhance your skills in online advertising. The course covers different types of digital advertising skills including video and display ads.

Course 5: Learn the techniques to expand your business to other countries:

This course will help you learn how to expand a business to other countries.

Course 6: Learn to connect with Customers through Mobile:

This mobile-oriented course will make you efficient in how to reach potential customers over their mobiles.

Course 7: Learn Content Marketing:

This course is about content marketing.

Course 8: Customer analysis:

This course helps you learn how to analyze customers’ needs and behaviors.

You should complete the 8 courses offered by Google to have a career in digital marketing. Google will provide you with certificates for every course, which you can demonstrate on your CV.

You also can get some other certificates from other sources. Youtube, Quora, Udemy and other platforms can boost your understanding of digital marketing.

Part C: Practice What You Learn

7. Apply Your Knowledge and Test How Really It Works:

Digital marketing is practical knowledge. Theoretical knowledge of digital marketing will not be of any use. So you have to practice your knowledge.

Whatever you learn, try to test how really it works. It will give you enormous fun and make your learning firm. You will not forget the learning if you can practice it.

For example, you learned how to do SEO. Now, you can have your own website for practice. On that website, practice your knowledge of SEO and test which way it works the best.

Part D: Self-branding

Self-branding can help you land a digital marketing job.

8. Create an Online Presence for Self-branding:

Self-branding is very important in these types of jobs. Your online presence will make you confident about having a good career in digital marketing. Through an online presence, you can showcase your skills to the employers and tell them how you can add value to their organizations.

Demonstrate your great works on social media. You will be able to show it the interviewer simply from your phone.

Part E: Blogging

9. Start Blogging on a Topic:

Select a niche that you are most interested in and want to work on. Then start blogging on that topic. When communicating in an interview, tell the interviewer that you have a blog on a certain topic which you would like to work on with an organization. If the interviewer allows you, you can show your blog to him or her. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your expertise to the employer.

Furthermore, you can earn from your blog if you work really smart on that.

Part F: Network Building

As you are reading this article, you might have got some important points. Now you should concentrate on some special tactics like network building. 

10. Build Your Network:

To do well in digital marketing, you should build a network. Search for digital marketing professionals and get connected with them. Find different forums of digital marketing where you can find some like-minded personnel. Attending events on digital marketing can also make you introduced with other digital marketers.

A good network of digital marketing may bring you an immense opportunity, not just a job.

Part G: Having Experience

11. Get Some Experience:

Employers prefer experienced persons while recruiting. If you can have some related experience, you will simply be ahead of the crowd. But, here rises the question, “where to get the experience before getting a job”.

In this context, you can follow the following procedure to get some experience in digital marketing:

Search for businesses that need digital marketing services. Then collect their contact details from their website and ask them through email whether they can take you as an intern digital marketing executive. Let them know that money doesn’t matter the most, rather you want to practice and learn more. Contact as many organizations as you can. Hope, this will work for you.

If you fail to get an internship with a good organization, then repeat the same thing with bloggers. Search for some blogs which work with the same topic you would like to have a job in and contact them in the same way as you contacted organizations. This time, offer free service to the bloggers.

For example, if you want to get an SEO-related job, then offer free SEO service to the bloggers. Instead, if you want to have a digital marketing job in social media marketing, then offer free social media marketing service to the bloggers. Also, write some guest posts for other bloggers so that you can show to employers that you write for various websites on digital marketing related topics. This will demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. The other benefits that you will achieve by writing for others’ websites are:

  • Your knowledge will be firmer.
  • Your confidence will scale up incredibly.
  • You will be more careful while writing as you are writing for others’ websites.
  • Your blog writing skills will increase as well.

In the interviews with employers, don’t forget to tell them that you write for various websites on digital marketing.

You can write to us too. Success GaineR always welcomes articles related to digital marketing. You can contact us to send your articles or directly go to the page “Write for us”.

Part H: CV Writing 

12. Write Compelling Cv to Get Into a Digital Marketing Job:

Your CV gives the first-ever impression to the employers. If the employer finds the CV suitable, then he or she will call you for an interview. So have to prepare CV winning CV so that you can impress the employer at the first step. At least you have to go to the next stage- interview. If you can not convince the employer with your CV, then he or she will not call you for an interview.

Consider the following tips while preparing your CV

  • Write the Career Objective in such a way that emphasizes your intention of developing a career in digital marketing.
  • Throughout the CV highlight what you have achieved or what you have done. Showcase the projects that you have done.
  • Add a screenshot of the blog website you run.
  • Write down your skills that directly match with those the company is looking for in an ideal candidate.

Thus make your CV a distinct one, totally focused on what the employer expects.

Part I: Job Search and Application

13. Search for Jobs Online and Apply for Your Dream Jobs:

Now is the time to search for jobs online. You can apply in two types of organizations. One that has published a job advertisement, and the other that has not. First, search for jobs online. Type related keywords on search engines.

The following tips may help you find your dream job:

  • Search with a related keyword on search engines like Google. For example, search with the keywords “digital marketing jobs”, online marketing jobs, digital marketing job circular, digital marketing job entry-level, etc.
  • Add the name of your country to the search keyword. It may be a digital marketing job in Australia (your own country where you want to have a job).
  • On google, put the country code after “.com” (dot com)
  • Click on Tools menu under the search bar.
  • Select your own country from “any country”.
  • Select past month or past week to get the recent postings only. You also can input a certain date range here by clicking on “custom range”.

Now, hopefully, you will find the expected result on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). See all the potential jobs from here and collect the links of the jobs which you think you should apply for. Put such links on a word file and apply one by one following the application procedure described in the job advertisement.

Here, I should remind you to edit your CV in accordance with the job advertisement. I am not telling you to include false information. I suggest you present the information on the CV in a way which can impress the employer in the best ever way. It will boost the possibility of getting a call for an interview.


What will you do if there are not enough job circulars online? Do not wait for the perfect job circular to be published online. Others are doing that already. Instead, search for the types of organizations where you wish to work and collect their emails. Then send a letter of interest to selected organizations asking for a suitable position.

Part J: Interview

14. Prepare for the Interview:

To get a digital marketing job, you should prepare for the interview. Proper preparation will keep you ahead of others and ultimately you will get the expected job. Remember interviews for other types of jobs and interviews for digital marketing jobs are not the same. For example, confidence can be a vital aspect of sales interviews while how you can add value to the organization is more important in a digital marketing interview. Focus on what you can do to the organization and how you can do that.

The following tips can be helpful:

  • Inform the employer what you can do for the organization.
  • Let them know that you always keep yourself updated with the new trends of digital marketing.
  • Express what you already have achieved or done as a digital marketer.
  • Explain some technical things that you think to be done for the organization.
  • Before going to face the interview, visit the website and social media profiles of the organization and have in-depth about their online activities. Have a good understanding of their performance on the internet. This will help you tell them how you can improve the present online activities.

Part K: Be Flexible About Entry-level Jobs

15. Grab the Entry-level Job Opportunities:

I think you should say yes to entry-level jobs to have some experience of working in an office environment. Remember, you do not need to work there for a long time. Just enter the world of Digital Marketing job, you will soon get what you want. So, don’t hesitate to grab an entry-level job opportunity.

The Final Talk:

I have tried to write this article step by step so that you can plan your way to landing a digital marketing job. Hope this will help you get a digital marketing job of your dream. And, that day my effort to write this article on “how to get into a digital marketing job” will be more meaningful. I wish you ultimate success. 

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