disadvantages of social media marketing for business

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing for Business

Many can overwhelm hearing the topic “Disadvantages of social media marketing for business”.

Because we are accustomed to hearing only the advantages of social media in business. So we don’t think of the disadvantages of social media marketing for business.

However, social media also has some disadvantages in business. Let’s take a look at some major disadvantages of social media marketing for business.

You have to prepare additional resources:

You have to prepare additional resources for social media. You will also find that content should be different for different social networking sites.

Therefore, you will need to prepare different content for different social media platforms. It is quite obvious that the preparation of additional resources will take extra time, effort and money.

Being active online for a long time:

You have to ensure presence on social media all the time. Social media users may anytime contact you, comment on your social media content or say anything about you on social media. You have to care for all of these situations.

If you fail to respond to the queries immediately, you will ultimately fail to win the potential customers’ heart. Thus customers and prospects will go elsewhere as they have unlimited options out there on the internet.

Difficult to measure:

It is really difficult to measure all the aspects of a social media effort. Most of the aspects of social media are based on assumption. Therefore, there is not any perfect way to measure these in a practical manner. For example, you will definitely find it difficult to measure the effectiveness or success in terms of brand awareness.

Handling negative comments or other negative behaviors:

You might have noticed on social media that trolling has been a trend these days. There are some people who frequently troll in different situations. And, some other people continuously spread negativity. Furthermore, you will also face some organic negative comments on social media.

It may be the result of anything regarding problems of your products or services. Sometimes, a silly mistake in providing the customer service may provoke people spread negative comments.  

Handling negative comments and other negative behaviors of social media users is obviously not easy. If you cannot handle it properly, you may see negative effects as the results of your social media marketing efforts.

Skilled personnel required:

You will require skilled personnel to execute the social media marketing for your business. Unskilled personnel may come up with very hopeless results. Finding and selecting the perfect personnel may also be hard as all the social media marketers claim them to be the best.  

Moreover, it is important to engage the perfect suit in accordance with your business criteria and other considerable facts. Hence, finding the perfect-skilled tech professional is a hassle.

If your business is a small one and you don’t have financial feasibility to deploy professional, then you have to put so much effort in learning numerous things. As a result, you will get less time and effort to concentrate on other things.

Money investment needed:

Though you can conduct social media marketing through organic posts and activities, it won’t bring enough results. So you will need investment as you want to get a better result.

Investing money is not enough, though. You have to make sure the investment is being made in an efficient way. A simple mistake will simply destroy your outcome. For example, if you don’t target the right audience in your social media advertisement, you will achieve nothing from it.

A narcissistic approach may bring about failure:  

Most of the businesses take a narcissistic approach on social media. Sometimes, they do not take a narcissistic approach directly, they pretend to be the best among others in providing products or services. But people do not like anyone who always praises himself or herself.

So, a wrong behavior will bring about failure on social media.

Visibility of your negative sides:

Social media will ensure visibility, may it be negative or positive. Any negative aspects of your business will be easily talked about by social media users. You should handle them in a professional manner. Otherwise, you will lose a lot in the long run.

Extortion problems:

You may fall victim to extortion by ill-doers on social media. Culprits may demand money from you forcefully. If you do not give them money, they will comment hampering content on your social media profile.

Security issues:

It is not new on social media. Your profile on social media may go through security issues anytime. So you have to secure your social media profile so that you do not be harmed thereby.

Too open to competitors:

Your business gets too much open to the competitors through social media. In this context, it is very important to decide what to share and what to not. Otherwise, your competitors will gain a lot from the information they get from your social media presence.

Lack of expertise in social media affects success negatively:  

Lack of expertise in social media will surely affect success negatively. You have to know the complete insights of social media platforms including the behaviors of their users.

The wrong strategy may make it a failure

A silly mistake made in setting the social media marketing strategy may result in failure of the total process. And, of course, setting the right strategy is not that easy. So you have to put much effort into setting the right strategy for better result of your social media marketing efforts.

Social media users define the business:

Remember social media users are completely independent. They can say anything about your business anytime. Any silly reason of dissatisfaction may be exposed to social media by your customers.

When you cannot handle such issues, so many gossips will define your brand in a negative manner. So you have to be cautious about these types of issues.

Dependency on social media:

Dependency on social media may be a serious disaster for your business. Since social media changes frequently, you may switch to other marketing avenues to generate profit.

But if you get so much dependant on social media, you will avoid other ways of marketing. However, your competitors will not wait for you to go for other marketing ways. They will grab customers in those platforms.

Social media is frequently-changing

Social media platforms tend to change very frequently. Perhaps, it is one of the most serious disadvantages of marketing on social media platforms. You had set your social media marketing strategy last year and working according to that?

Do not do this. Many of the things which you considered in the past, might have changed in course of time. So you have to update it to be in line with the changes in social media.

Twitter’s turning to 280 characters was a great change last year. Many businesses solely use Twitter for their marketing as their customers mostly use that social media. Those who couldn’t update their policy would have been confined to 140 characters.

disadvantages of social media marketing for business
Twitter Doubles Character Limit

This is only a simple example. So many changes occur on social media very frequently. If you (your business) cannot coup with the changes, you (your business) will just lag behind.

Different demographic groups use social media differently:

You cannot target all people groups with your social media marketing efforts. Because statistics show that the use of social media is apparently different among the different demographic group of people. For example, young people are more likely to use social media than the old ones. According to a report by Business Insider, “Social platforms are more popular among 18 to 29-year-olds.”

Employees may harm your brand image on social media:

Employees of your company may harm brand image on social media in various ways. Controlling all their activities is not always possible. You may resolve it to an extent by training up your employees regarding the “Dos and Donts” on social media.

The Final Talk:

I intentionally kept the article short to symbolize that the disadvantages of social media are not as massive as the advantages of social media. If you carefully notice you will find on this article that it is devastating for a business to avoid social media.

Because you already saw that your customers are online and they are talking about you and the certain industry you are operating a business in. You must have a strategic social media presence to grab those customers.

Before going to take a decision regarding social media, take a look at the benefits of Social Media Marketing for small business.

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