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23 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses in 2019

Most small business operators might ignore social media as they don’t realize the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses in 2019. But, Small or large, whatever might be the size of your business, it is essential to ensure social media presence in an efficient way.

In this age of social media, a company will just lag behind if it does not incorporate social media in their daily activities.

A report by We Are Social shows, “The number of social media users worldwide in 2019 is 3.196 billion, up 13 percent year-on-year”. So you can easily assume that your customers are roaming around on the social networks. If you do not conduct social media marketing, then a large number of potential customers will remain untapped.

The benefits of social media marketing in business may be enormous. But considering the core ones is important in setting a social media marketing strategy for your business. Let’s take a look at the core benefits of social media marketing in an organized way.

A: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses 2019 in Establishing Brand

Social media may help your business in many ways. However, one of the significant role of social media in your business is that it helps you establish a brand to stand out of the crowd. Let’s have a deeper look at the benefits of social media marketing for small businesses.

Benefits of social media marketing for small businesses 2019: 

1. Boost brand awareness:

Do you use any social networking site? Yes, you use. I know it. You have seen so many brand building efforts on social media. And, I know, positive image of some brands has been built in your mind naturally. Hmm, thus you turn positive to some brands.

Social media boosts brand awareness by spreading it among millions of social media users. Since the number of social media users is increasing rapidly, social media’s capability of boosting your brand is also increasing therewith.

One of the brightest examples of boosting brand awareness through social media in 2019 is Peel which runs a business in the cell phone case industry. The company has been selling Super-thin, minimalist case for iPhones and other phones like Google Pixel, Pixel XL and Android since 2012.

Social media marketing activities have brought a lot to the brand to such an extent that we cannot avoid the story of it while discussing brand awareness through social media. Peel advertises with Facebook video to spread their uniqueness, style, and functionality. The other social media platforms which the company emphasizes are Instagram and Pinterest. According to Biddyco’s case study, running campaigns on these platforms has dramatically resulted in 16x increase in the revenue and 3x boosted ROI.

Benefits Social Media Marketing Small Businesses

2. Personalize your brand:

Yes, social media personalizes your brand. It makes your brand different from others. It does the thing in the way just how you want to do. You can spread your brand in your own way or the way your business policy prefers.

In another context, social media helps you come up with what your audiences or target customers expect from you. Thus you can keep them updated with personalized content, products, and services. A customer will be more likely to buy your products if you can deliver whatever he or she wants.

3. Establish a brand close to the feelings of mass people:

You might have seen companies’ pages on social media to mourn for a certain figure of your country or a world citizen. In some countries, it is quite common for the companies’ pages on social media to post after the national sports team wins a game.

They know, most of the people feel great to hear the news of win of their football or cricket team. Thus companies catch the feelings of the masses and thereby set their brand into their feelings.

You can do it in numerous situations. Has your country been attacked by a fatal disaster? Do something for the affected people as it is your corporate social responsibility. Then obviously, communicate it to the people.

Do not just intend to show off what you have done. Rather, do it only to convey that you are in line with the feeling of others in society. Thus you can establish a brand close to the feelings of others.

Benefits Social Media Marketing Small Businesses

The USA experienced Hurricane Michael in October 2018. United Airways did some good jobs for the society in this disaster. They, then, communicated it on their Twitter account. This is a simple example. Companies all over the world do this for their branding.

4. Never let your customer forget your brand:

If I talk about myself, I use social media in the first half of the night. When do you use social media? Maybe in the morning, at noon, in the evening or at night like me.

Different social media users use them at different times. Social media can spread your brand all the time: day or night. Thus it presents your brand to social media users all the time and prevents them from forgetting your brand.  

B: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses 2019 in Growth

We know, it’s one of the most serious concerns for all businesses to foster growth. You can boost growth in many ways including the traditional ones. But if you exclude social media, then you will lose a great avenue of boosting growth. So consider the following benefits of social media.

5. Gain more leads:

You can get more Leads for your business by using social media. There are ample ways and techniques for getting people interested in your business through social media.

For example, you can arrange contests on social media to push them to think about your company or products. Social networking site users will attend the contest and engage themselves in your company.

Done! You earned the attention of those social media users.

You can run a hashtag campaign for generating leads from social media. Another nice way to generating leads is social media listening.

Social media listening is just what it sounds like. It is the process of listening to what others are talking about products and services related to your business.

Thus you can get some people interested in your products or services. Now offer them your company’s products or services.

Sharing live video can also help you generate leads.

6. Boost sales:

Social media helps you achieve your ultimate target: it helps you in direct sales. Social media users buy your products or services by getting motivated with your social media marketing efforts.

Sometimes you can sell your products and services directly through social media and sometimes you can just motivate them to buy from your website or anywhere else.

7. Social media sends visitors to your business website: 

Have you seen any middle-sized company in this age of internet, which does not have a website? “No” is the answer, I know. Social media plays a significant role in getting traffic on your website.

You can leverage social media and increase traffic on your website by just sharing related content on social sites and linking them to the website, or by running a social media campaign.

Impressive content shared on social media sends visitors directly to your website. Social media ads is another way to send social media users to your website.

C: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses 2019: Benefits in content

8. Get content ideas:

Confused about what to prepare? Go to Facebook or YouTube or any other social media. You will get unlimited content ideas from those platforms.

Though there are various ways of generating content ideas, getting ideas from social media has extra value. Because on social media, you can not only get topics but also their popularity among social media users.

9. Get content:  

It’s a great opportunity for you as you can source content from social media with little payment and even sometimes for free. You can contact influencers of the field related to your business and request them to write for your social media accounts.

The influencer and you, both will be benefited by it. The influencer will get more followers through your social media account and you will get quality content almost or totally free.

10. Promotion of content:  

Promoting content on social media is very common. You can do this through social media ad or through normal post. Create the content which will get you profits in anyways and share it on selected social media.

11. Spreading quickly:  

You know what I would like to say here. Indeed, we all have experienced many posts on social media to go viral. Going viral does not always help one make profits and it is not the intention behind going viral too.

However, you can set a strategy for going viral in a planned way. Don’t choose anything serious, nor anything boring. Think about how the content can help your business after it goes viral.

Though it’s not easy for businesses to go viral, a tricky effort can make it a reality and spread the name of a company.

D: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for small businesses 2019 in terms of Communication

Social media is the smartest communication tool which makes the communication process more effective in many ways.

12. Customer service:

Whether you are active on social media or not, your customers expect service (response to their queries) in a short time. A statistics by shows, 18 percent of customers expect a response in an hour or less, whereas 48 percent expect it in 24 hours or less.

So if you do not set a proper strategy for social media, then your customers will feel distressed. So, set your social media plans to offer customer service on social media as smartly as possible.  

13. Manage your business image:  

You know people love to talk about negative things. It also applies to businesses. You don’t see what people are talking about your business on social media?

It may hamper your reputation. People are talking about your business on social media especially the negative sides. If you don’t respond to them, those will turn into a bigger issue.

Sometimes, maybe someone is spreading false information about your business. Handle it in a professional way through the social media.

Therefore, you must care about what social media users are spreading about you or your business.

14. A great tool for crisis communication:

In real life, you have noticed that if you do not respond to a crisis as soon as possible, it gets more complicated. The same thing happens in a business.

Organizations may face various crises during its life cycle. An organization can respond to crisis and communicate it in many ways, but in today’s world, social media is the perfect fit for this purpose.

However, your approach to crisis management on social media will shape your level of success or failure. An imperfect approach may lead you to more crises.

There are ample examples of wrong approaches to social media users while trying to resolve a crisis. But a well-crafted approach can be a great tool for crisis management on social media. Let’s take a look at a real-life example.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines faced an ash cloud in 2010. The corporation was inundated with phone calls from the passengers for a solution to their queries. Passengers found the phone lines busy. The traumatic situation made the customers feel distressed.

However, KLM soon realized they can resolve the issue through social media. At that time, the company didn’t have a big social media strategy and the social media team was not a big one as well. Yet, the authority realized that social media would be the best tool to come up with a solution to the problem.

The company quickly engaged the social media team and employees of other departments in responding to the stranded passengers through social media. The Twitter post of the company was as below:

Benefits Social Media Marketing Small Businesses

Notice, the company didn’t merely apologize to the passengers for their bitter experience while calling over phone lines. Rather, it presented a solution and the message clearly says what to do in this situation. Thus it easily resolved the issue in a smart way.

15. Engaging your customers and audiences:  

Social media is the smartest way ever for engaging customers and audiences. Unlike conventional media which offered a linear model of communication or one-way communication, social media offers two-way communication which dramatically increases the effectiveness of the communication process.

There are two things, we can consider here. One, responding to comments on your posts and two, responding to the queries and comments organically raised by the social media users.

You should respond to comments made on your social media posts as quickly as possible. As an ahead-thinker, you should not wait for the time when people talk about you. Rather, you should motivate them indirectly and sometimes directly to talk about you.

As for the comments organically made by the social media users, you should respond to this type of comments quickly as well. You have to keep an eye on what people are talking about you on their own social media profiles. To do this you have to conduct social media monitoring.

E: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses 2019: Benefits in getting better insights

Social media helps businesses get better insights into different factors relating to their companies.

16. Monitor what people are saying about your business:

Social media monitoring again comes into discussion. You might have heard about media monitoring. Social media monitoring is a modern branch of media monitoring. It helps you know so many important things about the industry you operate a business in.

In this regard, you can take help of social media monitoring agencies for the better performance of your projects. But if you are running a small business with less investment, then you can try to use some social media monitoring tools.

17. Social media provides you with insights:

Social media provides you with insights which are very essential in decision-making. Social media monitoring plays a significant role in this regard.

18. Gives you information about numerous aspects of your target customers:

Your customers are varied largely in terms of different aspects including their taste, income, interest, age, education level, geographic location and so forth. You need to analyze your potential customers for planning better.

Social media here helps you to get more and more information about your target audience/ potential customers.

19. Competitor analysis:

As you know the business world is very competitive, it is necessary for your business to analyze the competitors. Competitor analysis makes you understand what are your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors.

It helps you in setting proper strategy for your business by reflecting a way to outstripping your competitors.

F: Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses 2019: Advertising benefits of social media

Advertising on social media is different in many ways from that on conventional media like newspaper and television. It offers unique benefits that other media cannot do.

20. Your money makes returns:

In the traditional media, you can only publish or broadcast your advertisement. You cannot choose whom to target through the ad. But on social media, you have the freedom whom you want to present your ad to.

For example, on Facebook, you can select a certain city for your ad. In this case, only the social media users of that certain city will be able to see the ad. Thus you can select age, interest and many other segments for making your ad more effective.

21. Action based costing:

In social media advertising, you have the option of taking the decision only to pay for the action. If a customer clicks on your ad, you will pay; otherwise not. Thus, your cost of ad becomes fruitful and the figure of cost remains limited.

22. Any-budget advertising:

Hey Mr. or Ms. small business owner! Your budget is very low for advertising? No problem! You can present your ad on social media with any budget. May it be small or large. This opportunity is helpful especially for the start-ups having small investments, like yours. 

They can start advertising on social media with less amount of money and can allot more money for advertising as they grow later.

23. Getting your potential customers back:

This is an immense opportunity for business. How you can get your customers back to your website, who once visited your site for products or services? There are tracking tools like Facebook Pixel that helps you track the visitors.

You can easily reach your potential customers by advertising especially to them with the use of such tools.

The final talk:

These are not all. I discussed only the core benefits of social media in business. Social media has a lot more to do for the benefit of your business if you can set your strategy in the right way.

Grab the benefits relevant to your business by conducting social media activities in an efficient way.

Take our social media marketing service. Let us know what you need. Contact us.

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